Cocos2d - basic tutorial, part 3

We will add collision detection, finally turning our application into a game.

Written on: 15 Dec 2013
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Cocos2d - basic tutorial, part 2

Continuing from part 1, we will look at Cocos2d Actions and use them to add dynamic movement to the enemy henchmen.

Written on: 23 Nov 2013
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Cocos2d - basic tutorial, part 1

This tutorial continues where the Pyglet one dropped off.

We will remake the game we built there in Cocos2, and in later parts will be adding more features to it until it looks and feels like an actual game.

Written on: 05 Nov 2013
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Pyglet - basic tutorial

In this tutorial, we will look over the basics of Pyglet, the cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python.

We will build a simple game, which will later be used as a start for further tutorials.

Written on: 03 Nov 2013
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