About me

My name is Natan Žabkar and I am a student of mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Even though I have been interested in computers and technology from a very young age, I haven't really started learning anything about it until I started going to high school at the age of 14. From that point on, I've slowly started becoming more and more interested in computer science, particularly programming. I've first started with learning C from online tutorials and my friend Gašper Ažman, who started teaching a programming club at our high school.

As I was working my way through high school I fell more and more in love with Python and it's simplicity, which allowed me to quickly and easily translate my ideas into code, all the while leaving me enough free time to keep up a number of other hobbies such as improvisational theatre, a drama group and others. As I got to know Python more, I've also come to realise that it would be a very good language for teaching programming to beginners and as such, I've joined Gašper in leading the programming club after I finished with high school and went to study mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

With Gašper leaving for a job abroad I've since then taken over the programming course. For the last three years I have also been teaching as a demonstrator at my university. This march I've started working at Termitnjak as a Python web developer, and the extra time I've spent programming and of course the great people I've been working with and learning from really helped my skill grow. Lately I have also tried to go to the local meetups, sprints etc.

My interests

While being interested in various topics and writing small programs and applications for virtually everything that I could think of, lately I've been mostly learning about and working on web development, creating GUI programs (Tkinter), 2D and 3D games or similar graphically expensive applications (PyGame, Pyglet, Cocos2d, Panda3d). It is still my dream to someday release a fun, well thought out game that wouldn't be just a generic copy of everything else.

I've started this blog with the hope of sharing my knowledge and hopefully I will be able to help some people learn new things or get them interested in the joys of programming.

Me on the web

As I am not really a person for social sites, you can only find me on the following sites on the internet (if you want to get in touch with me you can always leave me a comment, email or message on github):

  • Google+ - don't expect many (or any) posts from me, I usually just use it for news and getting posts from people I follow
  • Github - @nightmarebadger