Battle of the editors - Sublime Text 2

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As most of us, I've been struggling with finding the "perfect" editor. For me, that meant an editor that could be used for many different languages (C, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ... ), could also be used for "normal" use (Markdown, RST, LaTeX), would start up fast and generally be fast enough so I didn't have to wait around for it and could optionally be extended with various plugins.

Furthermore, I'd like the "out of the box" functionality to be good, and if at all possible, it should be easy to synchronise my settings across devices. Working under multiple platforms would also be a plus, since I couldn't

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Welcome to the blog!

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With this post, my blog is officially open for business. It will primarily be used for Python related stuff and I am working on some tutorials to put on here. The first one is already up so feel free to go read it and leave your comments!

For the more technically inclined, an explanation of how the blog is set up.

I use two repositories on GitHub, one for the source and the second one for the generated source. The generated source

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