Python in the wide world week - day 7, the Web

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And the first week, in which we explored some places where Python is used in the "real world" is coming to an end. As yesterday, we won't look at a specific program or tool, but rather an area where Python is used a lot - the web.

Why would you use Python in web development?

Everything we talked about before this week (the readability, simplicity, extensibility etc.), combined with many web frameworks means that you can definitely find something suitable for your needs and use it easier then in many other languages/frameworks.

The most known frameworks are probably Plone, Django and The Pylons Project, each of which is used by thousands of websites (for partial listings you can look here or here, but those listings only cover a small portion of all websites built from the frameworks).

There are many famous users of the popular Python frameworks, such as NASA and FBI (Plone), Bitbucket, Instagram and The Guardian (Django) and reddit (Pylons).

Even if you do not want to use frameworks, there are loads of different Python-based options for you. For instance, this blog uses Blogofile, one of the Python static site HTML generators, to generate static HTML which can be pushed on a server - you can even use GitHub pages as a free host this way.

Personally, I've used Plone and Kotti quite a bit at Termitnjak d.o.o and I have checked out Django, Bottle and Flask.

End of the week

Well this is the end of the first week, so congratulations to those who stuck with it to the end and hopefully you learned something new :).

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